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Experienced, innovative and accountable, Infusion121 develops digital marketing solutions that deliver value. A focus on marketing outcomes means we have the balance right between branding and lead generation.

Effective digital marketing requires an integrated approach. We build, then seamlessly connect websites, mobile apps, social media channels and search engine marketing to create a smooth customer journey that drives results.

Our clients refer to us as their marketing solutions partner. This is because we're more than just an agency that our clients outsource to. Everyone on the team at Infusion121 is approachable and accessible, but also is invested in achieving results for businesses and building long term relationships with the people and organisations we work with.

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Infusion121 provides a full-service solution and takes a holistic approach to determining the best way to fulfil your business or marketing goals. This is achieved through combining the complimentary skills of our cross-functional team.

Our unique methodology involves four key steps;
Understanding your needs - Uncover opportunities - Devise strategies - Implement result-driven solutions.


We take time to explore your pain points and needs


We analyse market information to derive insights that lead to proactive solutions


We determine the best digital mix, activities, resources, budgets and timelines


We carry-out the marketing plan to realise your goals and objectives


Our capabilities include

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Infusion121's success is built on a solid foundation of experience and culture. Our highly skilled team is locally trained and based in Melbourne Australia. We make ourselves as accessible to our clients as possible, priding ourselves on quick responses and turnaround times. A transparent style makes us fully accountable and helps build our clients' trust in us.

The team at Infusion121 is not only highly skilled, but also highly specialised. A cross-functional team allows us to deliver a full range of services. Our expertise fulfils a gap common in modern organisations, created by the digital age with its heavy demands for technical skills and resources.

We like to think of ourselves as more than just an agency our clients outsource to. Infusion121 is a digital marketing solutions partner. It supports our long-term vision and focus on lifetime customer relationships, which only come when clients are fully satisfied with our attitude, work and service.

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