Web Development

Infusion121 takes a unique approach to Web Development, building frictionless, integrated digital marketing systems, streamlining the user journey and creating an engaging customer experience focused on conversion.

Whether you are an international or local business, our Web Development services will connect and engage you with your target audience in surprisingly intelligent ways.


At Infusion121 we don’t just dive into building Websites. A Senior Marketing Strategist takes the time to develop strategies that best meet your business or marketing goals through consultation.

Then when it comes to implementation, from designing wireframes and functionality to mapping the customer journey through to development, our team of experts works with you to build a Customised Website that delivers results.

Our Web Development process includes a initial discovery, we take the time to learn about your business first.
It's important to consider User Experience when developing a website.

UX Design

These days, everyone is talking about UX. Why? Well, when it comes to your Website, there is nothing more important than your customers’ ease of use.

Your users expect an intuitive, seamless service so they can satisfy their enquiries and needs in the most efficient, hassle free way possible. A great experience gets customers taking action onsite and coming back.

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PPC / SEO Optimisation

With the key to online success centered on visibility, it’s critical that your Website is properly optimised for search. Taking a targeted approach to SEO, our specialists invest time in research and strategy planning to come up with the best keyword targeting for your business, then strike the perfect balance between paid and organic search marketing.

Our Search Engine Marketing team can help get you results through Google Ads.
We consolidate marketing data from multiple sources into one report dashboard for ultimate transparency.

Analytics / CMS

The real work begins when we have finished building your website. Using web analytics, you’ll obtain deep and meaningful insights about your customers that support decision making.

Measure what’s working and what’s not, so you can make consistent improvements to your Website’s performance. Also, with a user-friendly CMS, content updates and changes are implemented efficiently and without fuss.

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Unlike other agencies, Infusion121 has a team of on-site Web Designers and Web Developers right here in Melbourne Australia; we don’t outsource or offshore resources. This means that you will get the very best customer care throughout the Web Development process. Our clients are often amazed at our fast turnaround times and how much pride we take in our work. We understand that your website is possibly your business’ most important marketing resource.

Technology is constantly evolving, and this means that your website needs to keep up with ever changing customer demands. Today it is responsiveness, what will it be tomorrow? One thing’s for sure, you need a Web Developer that offers the ongoing support and maintenance you need to stay ahead of competitors.

Proper Web Development doesn't stop at computers, it includes mobile devices and tablets.

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