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UX/UI Design Designed to Convert!

Exceptional User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design for APPs and websites combines pleasing aesthetics with an emphasis on usability and functionality. Your digital identity doesn’t need to simply look stunning; it has to be a design that works. A customer-centric focus on ease of use, well-defined navigation, and customer engagement funnels users into becoming sales conversions.

Design Without UX/UI is a Car with No Engine

How often do we hear prospective clients complaining about their picture-perfect website or APP that hasn’t improved their business’s bottom line? The design may look good, but it doesn’t meet their goals.

They didn’t enjoy the build process due to their developer’s inability to communicate in simple terms and are now spending too much on ongoing costs (even though they still don’t feel supported).

They have a website or APP that doesn’t boost revenue or create loyal customers. It’s a car with no engine. Life can be better than this. Infusion121 is a driving force for true digital transformation.

Businesses Choose Us Because Our Designs Work

Once a client receives an APP or website design using the science of great UX/UI, their business plan becomes an actionable reality. A highly functional design uses superb interactive elements to naturally increase customer interaction, conversions, and sales. Steer the prospective client’s journey by customising a more enjoyable customer experience. People relate with you more and so want to return again.

Frequently Asked Questions


UX, or User Experience, encompasses all elements that occur to a user when interacting with a product, system, or experience. User Experience Design is the practice of shaping customer experience and outcomes via research, analysis, and design of the touchpoints inherent in a website, APP, or EDM.

UI, or User Interface, is the process digital designers use to build interfaces in software, websites, APPs, and mobile devices, focusing on appearance and style. Exceptional UI Designers aim to create an interface that users find easy to use, engaging, and even pleasurable.

Put simply, UX and UI are vital because they work to fulfill a user’s needs. The aim is to provide positive experiences that initiate a user to become loyal to the product, brand, or community they are interacting with. Additionally, a meaningful User Experience and User Interface allow you to define customer journeys on your website and APP most conducive to your digital goals and subsequent business success.

Creativity meets science. A methodical approach analysing your industry competitors and target audience’s personas establishes a complete view of your business situation. We infuse an evaluation of data, growth trends, and keyword effectiveness to continually improve your market standing.