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Three quarters of businesses who implement a CRM are dissatisfied with the outcome. A custom CRM is designed to maximise efficiencies through tailored workflows and seamless integration of sales and marketing technologies. Our discovery process and subsequent workflows act as a clear blueprint to make sure you select the right CRM. This is the lifeblood flowing through all levels of your organisation, so it’s time to remove any stagnant time and money wasting processes, as well as team frustration.

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A Lost Customer is a Tragedy

Without customers you wouldn’t exist, and yet ready-made CRM systems are only designed to be used by the broadest range of businesses possible. They don’t suit your business. Over half of all CRM users say customisation is their biggest challenge, with generic systems ironically resulting in the loss of their most valuable asset: Clients.

Companies using off-the-shelf CRMs require a third of their front-line team to spend more than an hour each day on data entry. Many team leaders need to manually enter customer information via dozens of mandatory fields. Talk about mind-numbing! Triple-handling of data equates to staff feeling ignored, lost time, and higher running costs. The result is slow growth and sales, slowly draining away any vitality your business once had.

CRM customisation is often seen as being impossible or is thrown in the ‘too hard basket’. If your CRM isn’t customised to suit your business’s unique processes, it’s basically game over. Our 360-degree workflows ensure your team chooses the right CRM, engaging employees on all levels through simple reporting, and guaranteeing customers receive the best customer journey and sales experience.

Seamless Business Processes – It’s Simple!

You need a CRM incorporating specialised features such as billing, project management, membership, and logistics. It must be easy to navigate and use, cost-efficient, boost customer conversions, and has to tie all of your business processes together in one location. Get rid of boring manual data entry and receive simple, transparent data reporting customised to each team member’s needs. Retain your efficient processes and replace inefficiencies. All problems with your Business Process Automation and data management become former problems. CRM resolved.

ZOHO Authorized Partner

Zoho CRM has been one our platforms of choice for many years, with over 40+ applications providing flexible, versatile, and fully customisable for our SME and Enterprise clients.

We work and service many varied industries, SME through to Enterprise both in APAC and North America. Implementing innovative and transformative solutions to solve complex business needs.

Infusion121 is a digital leader with a proven track record of delivering the most complex solutions, and our ability to build complex integrations between Zoho, Website, App’s and 3rd party solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions


A 360-degree workflow review includes detailed documentation of your customer and team touchpoints, backend processes and management requirements. Our CRM workflows includes your organisations digital transition wish list, all touchpoints (forms/reports), automated client marketing, and organisation actions. A workflow is imperative to develop prior to selecting a CRM of choice, and creating an efficient / seamless experience for all concerned.

You are lucky if you find an off-the-self CRM solution that covers up to 90% of your needs. Every organisation, their processes, service and products are unique. A recent report found “CMO’s Agenda” found that by customising business processes, aligning sales and marketing organisations experienced a 32% increase in revenue, retained 36% more customers and achieved 38% higher win rates.

Yes, our development team create API’s to seamlessly integrate any CRM with your current and future digital transformation. Custom integrations can turn your CRM into a central hub for all departments (including sales, marketing, HR, finance, logistics, manufacturing, distribution and supply chain management, etc.) to progress digital transformation.

The Pyramid of CRM Efficiency