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In a digital world that is already mobile-first, Smartphone Apps are 2018’s most essential marketing tool. Connect with your customers smartphones 24/7/365 and ensure your brand stands out with a Customised Smartphone App.


Develop the best plan for your Smartphone App with the support of our Senior Marketing Strategists.

Our Smartphone App development experts specialise in discovering a solution that meets your marketing objectives, from your branding to the customer journey to optimising conversions.


Delivering an engaging, seamless experience for your users is paramount to the success of your Smartphone App.

Infusion121 brings years of experience with a highly skilled, in-house design and development team that make your User Experience elementary through ease of use and simplicity.

  • Discover
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Prototype
  • User Testing
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Infusion121 develops Mobile Apps tailored to you and your target audience.
Our App development comes complete with your very own Content Management System.

Analytics / CMS

With a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) to streamlining workflow and Analytics to gather customer insights and measure results, your Smartphone App is built to achieve your business goals.

We also offer full management of integrated digital marketing for businesses that simply want the day-to-day handled by specialists.

Unlock the Future with a Smartphone App

It was 2007 that Steve Jobs announced that the first iPhone would be released and a year later Google followed suit with Android. The very best Marketing minds boggled at the potential of these devices; however, to most businesses Smartphone Apps were simply a novelty.

Fast forward to 2018 when smartphones are in the hands of 2 billion users around the world and a Smartphone App is no longer just a pipedream. The mobile era has indeed arrived.

Smartphone Apps enable businesses to increase and expand customer interaction. The ultimate in User Experience design, their simplified processes and ease of delivering on customer needs deliver extreme competitive advantages, including driving innovation and giving way to new products and services.

Prepare for the future now with a Smartphone App before your business gets left behind. Enhancements in technology are coming faster and faster with greater uses for Smartphone Apps every day. With the flexibility and scalability of a Customised Smartphone App, your business will be ready to open up new business opportunities and dimensions.

In a world where brand image is critical to success, businesses without a Smartphone App to satisfy customers’ needs might just appear outdated. Smartphone Apps have gone beyond differentiation, they are now a customer expectation.

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