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Progressive Web Apps Futuristic Technology Now!

Infusion121™ uses advanced technology to create dynamic, back-end and front-end business applications. We use a web-based application called a PWA (Progressive Web App) to improve business efficiencies and customer service through engaging UX/UI design and back-end business solutions. This is stunning User Experience for customers and teams, including both online and offline access. We’re talking true digital transformation!

The PWA Knockout Punch!

Oh, the pain of building two separate native APPs for both Apple IOS and Android stores. Two builds, CMS (Content management Systems), project timelines, and agencies – most are either Android or Apple developers. You invested too much time and money, and now you’re paying ongoing costs for two applications. Plus, you need to login to a separate CMS for your website, Apple APP, and Google APP – a true time waster.

A PWA delivers the ROI you planned for. Single-build PWA hybrid website/APPs integrate with custom CRM, CMS, accounting packages, and other software applications. These enterprise solutions offer genuine integrated workflows, online and off-line interaction and reporting, Rich Push Messages (many times more effective than email), and two-way customer engagement – exceptional UX design offers more touchpoints to build stronger customer relationships.

When a customer interacts with a PWA’s efficient and engaging front-end UI (User Interface) it’s designed to fit their experience, evolving the more they interact with it. When logging in they feel ‘me’ and so want to return. A personalised experience equates to better customer outcomes. The same can be said for back-end UX/UI. Your team will love you for PWA’s automated efficiency, saving everyone time via a reduction in manual data entry, and improved CRM and CMS functionality. Customers also experience an improved back-end experience when logging in to choose specific options. Lightweight behind the scenes yet electrifying to see, PWA looks awesome while being reliable on lower-quality networks.

A competitive edge and more conversions for less is why PWA leaves the rest behind.

3 Factors that Make PWA Irresistible


An effective Rich Push Notification strategy on your PWA results in much more customer engagement with your content and mobile APP!

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are built and enhanced using modern fire-based code APIs and functionality. Delivered through the web, Service Workers and Web APP manifest to deliver enriched capabilities, improved reliability, and the ability for integration with other software applications. All this while reaching a larger audience through a standards-compliant browser on any device (desktop and mobile) using its single codebase.

Progressive Web Apps can translate into lower costs for APP development, Web Development, and ongoing maintenance. Building a native APP in multiple codebases results in up to twice the development costs, but with no real advantage. Why make your APP more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to update and maintain?

PWA attract significantly more engagement than traditional online marketing methods such as email campaigns. Studies show Rich Push Notifications in certain industries can achieve nearly 100% open rates and 40% Click Through Rates (CTRs), whereas email campaigns typically generate around 20% to 25% open rates and only 3% to 6% CTRs.