Genuine transformation took the world’s largest cleaning franchise from traditional paper to automated digital technology. Initially testing us out with a mobile APP build, our team now manages Jani-King’s entire suite of digital and marketing activities. We earned trust by exhibiting complete transparency, proactive communication, quality work, and timelines always being met.

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Project Challenges


Jani-King Australia was highly dependent on manual processes to run its 800+ strong franchise operation. Even though its teams were able to deliver on promises for its customers, Jani-King knew not having a digital presence was costing them more opportunities to grow and service new customers.

An ad-hoc approach to marketing saw Jani-King working with multiple external marketing agencies who each offered their own range of services. These marketing agencies weren’t collaborating with one another and didn’t have a clear strategy to ensure Jani-King increased its digital presence. On occasion Jani-King experienced delays, frustrations, and a lack of transparency when they’d sought information from previous agencies.

Jani-King was in dire need of a digital marketing agency who could provide consistency to its brand, offering insights and expertise that would enable them to utilise digital programs and solutions to efficiently grow its business into the future.

Website Development
APP Development
CRM Business Solutions
Search Engine Marketing
PPC Management
Social Media Marketing
Outsourced Marketing

Commercial Cleaning/Franchising


Project Solutions

Initially, Infusion121™ was solely engaged to build a Mobile APP so franchisees could move away from using paper and FAX to electronically entering data within one central portal. Due to our effective outcome, and the fact we offered full transparency when dealing with our client, we were then given an opportunity to work on Jani-King’s entire range of marketing and digital processes.

To support Jani-King’s successful digital transition, Infusion121™ delivered:

Mobile Responsive Website with Calls-to-Action

Jani-King’s previous website had no clear differentiation between services. We built a website offering users simple and easy navigation towards their area of interest – either cleaning services or franchising. We also ensured the build was mobile-responsive and optimised for SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Effective Google Ads and SEO

Our team developed state-specific landing pages allowing regional managers to highlight their key selling points. Through effective Google Ads management these pages have seen an increase in qualified leads and conversions. Always transparent with our results, we built a dashboard providing Jani-King with real-time analytics and reporting.

Consistent, Clean Print Collateral

Using its corporate style guide we designed a wide range of print collateral reflecting the brand. We then developed a Print Portal enabling all regions to view, customise, and print collateral, which could be delivered nationwide within a 4-day period.

Automation of Sales Emails

Infusion121™ designed and developed an automated email system to make sure Jani-King always remains front-of-mind among its customers and new leads. We created variable email templates used by the sales team across the country when communicating with prospective new customers.

Staff Training Materials

In conjunction with the Jani-King’s Quality and Management System Consultant, our creatives developed numerous animated videos designed to onboard new franchisees. Videos feature a selection of newly created characters conveying messages in a friendly and entertaining manner.

Project Results

Jani-King now has a full suite of marketing collateral allowing the brand to effectively promote its services. The business is confident their website, print collateral, automated emails, staff manuals, Google Ads, and SEO are all functioning in unison to allow its team to grow the Australian operation of their cleaning and franchising business.

Our Resuls

60 %


New People Using the Website Each Month

39.4 %


A huge Increase in YTD Google Ads CRM Form Conversions

9.62 %


Franchise Landing Page Sessions to Presentations and Call Backs Have All Increased

100 %


Real Time Analytics and Reporting of Franchisee and Client Information into Its CRM
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