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Ross Caia Hairwarehouse

Ross Caia Hairwarehouse had established itself as a highly reputable hair salon in Melbourne, but realised they lacked a strong online presence. An integral feature for the majority of businesses competing in the Information Age, this meant the brand was missing out on a massive eCommerce market for their hair, beauty, and nail products. Customers who valued the Ross Caia Hairdressing in-person service lacked a feeling of community outside the salon. In a competitive industry, Infusion121™ was tasked with taking Ross Caia to the next level via the Ross Caia Hairwarehouse eCommerce store.

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A professional hairdresser adding volume to a head of thinning hair, Infusion121™ got to work adding volume to the Ross Caia Hairwarehouse online footprint, as well as its overall product sales and revenue. The goal was to create an online representation of the popular salon brand’s identity, enabling customers to connect, communicate, and buy its wide range of products from the comfort of their homes, or while on the move via their mobile devices.

The solution was to design and develop a custom Progressive Web App (PWA) that would function as both website and APP. The UX/UI of the APP would be designed to encourage community engagement, helping Ross Caia’s customers stay in touch, while concurrently building up the business’s accessible customer-base to nurture repeat sales of both products and services well into the future.

Progressive Web APPs
Digital Marketing


Project Challenges

Ross Caia Hairwarehouse found itself behind the 8-ball in that it needed to establish its online presence in an already highly saturated and competitive hair and beauty market. As a beauty salon retailer, it would need to reinvent itself, and do so by creating a website equal to that of reputable national and multinational brands. This would have to be achieved via the creation of an online portal which engaged customers for longer, doing so in conjunction with an enjoyable online shopping experience.

With over 50 different product ranges, analysing UX/UI would be imperative to allowing easy navigation across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. This needed to be achieved while constructing a back-end CMS (Content Management System) that non-technical people could use to upload new products on a regular basis. 50+ product ranges! This was akin to untangling chewing gum out of a customer’s hair, but Infusion121™ thrives on challenges.

Lastly, in addition to selling physical products, the eCommerce website needed to be able to provide customers with professional advice – think about how many types of shampoo there are out there! Ross Caia’s literally needed to be on the website themselves to help its customers. The brand knows how important it is to inform customers about its various products to ensure they feel confident when making choices on what to buy. This would entail an interactive user experience, much more evolved and involved than simple click and purchase online stores.

Project Solutions

The team at Infusion121™ pulled out its web design and development versions of hair straighteners, scalp exfoliators, hair treatments, and electric clippers , developing a fully customised PWA website as unique as a stylish haircut on the catwalk. With the goal of building a genuine online community around the brand, we thought outside the box, enabling users to participate in tutorial videos for a virtual hair and beauty experience. This was a true point of difference in the industry, and what Ross Caia Hairwarehouse required in an oversaturated market.

We designed a CMS that anyone could manage, as we know masters of hair and beauty are rarely masters of IT or websites – and vice versa! We also performed extensive industry and competitor market research, both in Australia and internationally, including buyers’ behavioural patterns, demographics, and what search terms would most likely lead to sales conversions.


Statistics Tell the Story of the Ross Caia Hairwarehouse PWA’s Achievements:

43 %

Lower bounce rate

When compared to that of standard mobile optimised websites

68 %

Increase in mobile website traffic

137 %

Active customer engagement

Increase in active customer engagement

133 %

Visitor page views

Increase in visitor page views

78 %

Increase in session time

Average increase in session time spent on-site

52 %

Sales conversions

Average increase in sales conversions from visitors

45 %

Increase in repeat product sales

Project Results

Infusion121™ designed and developed a highly engaging, customer-centric desktop-to-native APP experience, including the ability to install Ross Caia’s website as an icon on mobile home screens without visiting an APP store. By installing the icon, Ross Caia Hairwarehouse established a native APP experience on its customers’ devices, which is so different from the days when customers may have forgotten who they purchased a product from. This has established genuine community growth for Ross Caia Hairwarehouse.

Ross Caia Hairwarehouse saved money on a single website build while achieving a genuine APP’s look and feel. The PWA performs better than standard mobile responsive websites, is quick to install for a native APP experience, and can be used across all browsers and devices – Apple and Android included. There are no issues with updates, and the Progressive Web App (PWA) can be used seamlessly while off-line.

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