We’ve been busy with the Zestel App!

Nothing moves faster than the digital marketing world and it takes a lot to keep up, let alone stay ahead. So when Zestél energy gum, New Zealand’s newest, freshest, sugarless energy gum needed an online boost, we were chomping at the bit.

When developing the marketing campaign for the launch of Zestél Energy Gum, creating an App was high on the list of priorities.  And Infusion121 was our company of choice.
Infusion121 understands Apps, the way they are used by consumers, what they are used for, and the most effective designs for making Apps appealing, user friendly and brand specific.

For Zestél, the aim of the App is to communicate with and engage customers, to grow the social media base and to gather information for the Zestel database.  It shows that we understand what our target market likes and how they use their mobile devices.
The App also allows us to create great competitions and communication techniques to assist us in gathering names and email addresses (who we can then market to directly), ideas for getting people to take photos and upload them to social media (which they will share with their friends on Facebook thus creating even more followers) and we can also sell product directly from the App.

On the side menu we can provide company and product information.   Importantly, the App is simple to update as required.  It will prove to be an effective tool for the promotional events we conduct, where we can get people to download the App and fill out information straight away. It’s an exciting, cost effective and appealing way to reach our customers, to gather data, and to market our product(s).
In the development of the Zestél Energy Gum App, Infusion121’s team has been prompt, professional and efficient, adhering to deadlines and offering design advice and technical support.
Melanie Quirk
On Q Events and PR for Zestel Energy Gum


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