The Infusion121 Process: Our Solutions

When customers ask what kind of digital marketing solutions we offer at Infusion121, the quickest and easiest answer we can give is “All of them.” We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a full-service array of solutions, from website design to mobile app development to search engine optimisation. By combining and integrating the talents of our entire team, we can deliver a solution that will help your brand hit every target you may have in mind.

The longer and more complicated answer to the question, though, is that we provide a different solution to every client we serve. Only by learning about your business can we tailor a solution that will meet your needs, and only by creating a customised solution can we accomplish our role as a digital media marketing company.

The Four Pillars of the Infusion121 Process

To tailor the perfect solution for every single client, Infusion121 follows a proven methodology with four different pillars. These pillars are Consultation, Discovery, Strategy, and Implementation.

  1. Consultation: Every tailored client solution begins with a consultation. We meet with you, learn about your business, and take the time to understand your pain points. The goal of this consultation is to help us identify and understand your needs.
  2. Discovery: No solution can function without an understanding of the landscape in which it will be implemented. Before we do any strategising on your behalf, we analyse your market landscape to uncover opportunities for practical
  3. Strategy: With a firm understanding of both your pain points and the opportunities awaiting in your industry and market, we devise a digital marketing strategy that can achieve your goals. Every plan considers specific marketing activities, required resources, budgetary restrictions, and timelines for implementation and reward.
  4. Implementation: Provided you approve of the strategy we have created for you, we will get to work bringing it to fruition. All solutions are implemented with a keen eye on results. We launch every campaign with a firm grasp of your goals and objectives and pay close attention to measure whether the campaign is meeting those goals or falling short. As required, we can modify our approach to ensure superior results.

 Understanding the Variables

In digital marketing, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Simply put, there are too many variables at play to assume that what works for one business will work for the next. Each Infusion121 pillar described above has been designed to unearth the countless variables that make your company unique from every other brand on the market.

For instance, in the consultation session, we take the time to learn about your customers, target audience, your sales processes, and where you see your brand regarding its overall journey and evolution.

In the discovery phase, we evaluate the competition and look at industry market trends to build a general “do’s and don’ts” list.

For strategy, we combine everything we’ve learned about your business and your market, using it to create several drafts of a marketing strategy for you to review.

Finally, for implementation, we take an approved strategy and actualise it. That transformation doesn’t happen overnight, of course. If we’re building a website, we’ll get your feedback on it, improve it, test it, revise it, get your feedback again, and then launch it.

Simply put, our four-pillar process ensures that we aren’t rushing into anything without due consideration. Whether it’s a website, a mobile app, or a content writing campaign, you can trust that we have developed your campaign with time, care, and intense attention to detail. The result is a singular solution, painstakingly created for your brand and your brand alone. That is the solution our agency offers.


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