Social media has become one of the most important elements in a brand’s marketing mix. For any business to reach their target audience and engage their customers in this day and age, they must have a strategically driven social media presence and be able to implement in a way that gets maximum cut-through. Infusion121TMĀ takes a cross-channel approach to digital marketing, optimising a mix of social media platforms with other complementary channels for maximum performance.

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Our Social Media Management process begins with research into the target market, industry and business in accordance with your marketing objectives.

We develop a tailored strategy to fit your organisations resources and budget, starting with consultation with an expert to determine the right digital mix.

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Social Media multi channels your marketing - Infusion121 can help.


In order to get the best possible results for your business, Infusion121TM uses a multi-channel approach, integrating the most relevant tools and platforms to help you reach your customers and achieve conversions. With the right mix of technology and communications, we create a compelling, integrated campaign that connects and keeps your brand top of mind.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is one of the most effective and affordable methods of advertising online, especially for small businesses. With Facebook being the most popular social media, having more than 2 Million active users, as well as its vast range of tools and big data for laser-focused targeting, it’s a must that your brand runs well designed paid ad campaigns through the channel. Get expert help and campaign management with Infusion121TM.

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Infusion121TM‘s Social Media Management services include full front and backend platform management; research and opportunity identification; ad creative design; content publishing; and response management.

Our Campaign Management strategy consolidates multiple marketing streams for a tailored approach.

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Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can run your business and your social media marketing too. Social media is technical, difficult and time consuming, plus one foot wrong can undo all your hard work and effort via either an unforgiving audience or algorithm. Brands that are successful with social media marketing have one thing in common – they engage experts to help with social media strategy, implementation and day-to-day management.

Not so long-ago brands were still debating how much effort, time and financial investment they should commit to social media marketing. Today it’s an inevitable if not a central part of any digital marketing strategy. Some clients discover your brand through social, while for other it’s the norm to cross reference your social media platforms before committing to a product or service, even if they discover your business through a complementary channel.

Social media marketing has matured, and the conversation has shifted. The debate is no longer about its value, but about maximising results and finding the route to success in an environment where the increase in demand for ad space is outpacing the supply of the audience’s attention. Focusing on the right social media mix and amplify your brands voice or offering through both targeted advertising and organic reach. Run campaigns in line with your overall go-to-market strategy.

Having a digital marketing team that understands in detail the development and UX of websites, Mobile App’s and how social media platforms impact users, is a distinct benefit to Infusion121TM‘s customers and their marketing outcomes.

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