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Infusion121 can optimise your website and digital channels. We’ll help your customers connect with your business when and where they’re searching or exploring and keep your brand top-of-mind. Search Engine Marketing will give you competitive advantage through stronger visibility and higher rank in search engine results and other online sources. Our agency uses a combination of paid and organic search, strategically tailored to your individual industry and business needs.

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Our specialists take a targeted approach to Search Engine Marketing, planning the optimisation of your most important assets around your target market’s search behaviour and customer decision process.

We invest time in research and planning to come up with the best keyword targeting and placement for your branding and messages, then give your site the best SEO treatment to rank for those search terms while converting traffic to customers. Ultimately our agency strikes the perfect balance between paid and organic search marketing, so you can maximise reach and conversion, while optimising your budget in the best way possible.

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SEO, or Search Engine Marketing helps your website rank higher over your competitors in search results.
SEO, or Search Engine Marketing helps your website rank higher over your competitors in search results.

Search Engine

With visibility being the cornerstone of success when it comes to online marketing, every business needs an effective website that can be found in the right keyword searches. Your website must be properly optimised for Google.

Using on-page and off-page SEO in combination, along with developments in technology that improve search performance, Infusion121 can get your site ranking where your visibility is needed most.

We consolidate marketing data from multiple sources into one report dashboard for ultimate transparency.


All Infusion121 websites come with a Client Dashboard that delivers real-time analytics reports, including site traffic, referral data, conversions and ad performance. Our dashboard makes it simple and easy for the client to understand their data and make effective management decisions around their most important digital assets.

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Unlike other agencies, Infusion121 has a complete team of experts ready to work together to create an effective search marketing program for your business. With our team, including Web Designers, Web Developers, Copywriters and Search Strategists based in Melbourne Australia, and nothing outsourced or offshored, our team is available to provide the most responsive customer service. Also, as a full-service agency, Infusion121 can create and implement all your digital marketing strategies in one place.

As the experts in Website Development, Infusion121 understands that backend web development is a key factor when it comes to SEO. Our understanding of Website and App development gives us a clear advantage when it comes to creating successful search campaigns. Developing and building a website correctly will greatly assist in fast tracking results with search marketing.

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