Outsourced Marketing Team

Many businesses make the mistake of expecting their internal marketing resources to be all-rounders. Being one of the broadest and most specialised disciplines, it’s virtually impossible to have all the skills and knowledge to be able to do everything required in a digital marketing plan.

It makes good business sense to utilise your team’s strengths and outsource at least some marketing tasks to other specialists.

Outsourced marketing services benefit organisations that:

  • Have under-resourcing issues and struggle to keep up.
  • Delegate marketing responsibilities to non-marketing qualified people and struggle to get results.
  • Split marketing responsibilities between numerous staff, resulting in delays and the poor implementation of programs and projects.
  • Have internal knowledge or skill gaps in marketing.
  • Cannot justify the employment of a full-time marketing expert.
  • Want the benefits of effective marketing management.
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Infusion121's outsourced marketing team can provide new marketing avenues to you and your business.


Infusion121’s discovery process enables us to design tailored marketing strategies that drive results. Through consultation and data analysis, as well as market-trend and competitive evaluation, our Senior Market Strategists identifies the best and fastest ways that you can capitalise on opportunities and integral features of your business, including new revenue opportunities to grow existing sales.


Our highly experienced team can set-up all your digital assets and campaigns. In-house consultants assist with project management through the development and execution of your campaigns, helping you to reach your customers and achieve your marketing objectives. By utilising our experts your business has the added benefits of avoiding all payroll, superannuation and HR issues, allowing you to focus on the core capabilities of your business.

Dedicated Support for All Your Marketing Needs

Our dedicated Senior Marketing Strategists provides a single point-of-contact and access to high level expertise that would otherwise be impossible to access without an extensive marketing department. Your dedicated Senior Marketing Strategist and support team can be directly responsible for the effective implementation of your organisation’s marketing plan, brand, internet, web, and email strategies.

The service is available on a retained basis, the fee corresponding with the level and volume of work you require. Outsourcing to Infusion121 is an extremely cost and time effective way of accessing the marketing services you need to support your growth objectives, plus the risk of employing marketing resources directly is mitigated.

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