Outsourced Marketing: Jani-King

The Results:
Increased New User Traffic
Increased Google Ads Leads
Franchise Form Conversion Rate
CRM Real-Time Integration

According to Smart Insights, a leading marketing research and learning platform, 9 out of 10 corporate leaders view digital as a top priority, yet 83% of organisations struggle to make meaningful progress on digital transformation. This was true of Jani-King.

For more than 50 years, Jani-King International has provided expert commercial cleaning. With a global network of customers, a presence in 14 countries, 120 support offices and 9,000 franchisees, they are the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise.

However, their consistent growth placed pressure on internal marketing processes and resulted in a missed opportunity to transition seamlessly into digital operation.

Infusion121 continues to provide Jani-King Australia with streamlined marketing initiatives, eliminating manual processes, and continues to build growth through the creation of a Social Media, SEO and Google Ads strategy.

“Since Jani-King commenced working closely with Infusion121 in 2016 to better manage our brand consistency and presence plus digital footprint including a full website upgrade, SEO, SMO and digital marketing as well as full traditional print functions, we have experienced not only growth but also productivity in many aspects of our business.

Jani-King’s online presence has dramatically improved since the introduction of our digital strategy, inc: website and landing pages. Infusion121 have completely updated all touchpoints to improve the user’s experience and to better qualify leads – beautified and automated the company’s information packs and ensured that the information is phone and tablet compatible.

We’re ultimately increasing conversations via multiple tools and with Infusion’s assistance we know we are interacting via an attractive package which also interfaces with our behind-the-scenes software packages.”

Kathryn Brady Executive Assistant to COO

The Challenge

Jani-King Australia was highly dependent on manual processes to run their 800+ strong franchise operation. Though they were delivering for their customers, Jani-King knew that not having a digital presence was costing them more opportunities to grow and service new customers.

The ad-hoc approach to marketing saw Jani-King working with multiple external marketing agencies who offered their own services. The marketing agencies weren’t working together and had no clear strategy to ensure Jani-King increased its digital footprint. In fact, on occasions, Jani-King experienced some delays, frustrations and transparency from previous agencies when they sought information.

Jani-King was in need of a digital marketing agency who could provide consistency to their brand and offer insights and expertise that would allow them to utilise digital programs and solutions to efficiently grow their business further.

Jani-King Australia website is now responsive across all devices.

The Solution

Initially, Infusion121 was engaged to build a Mobile App so franchisees could move away from using paper and fax to electronically enter data within one central portal. Through the results we achieved and our transparency in dealing with Jani-King, we were given an opportunity to build out their marketing and digital processes.

To help Jani-King successfully transition digitally, Infusion121 delivers the following:

A responsive website with call-to-actions
The original had no clear differentiator between services. We were able to build a website that easily navigates users to their area of interest – cleaning services or franchising. The website is also mobile-responsive and optimised to utilise search engine marketing.

Google Ads and SEO
We developed state-specific landing pages that allow regional managers to highlight key selling points. With our Google Ads management, these pages have increased qualified leads and conversions. To offer transparency in our results, we’ve built a dashboard that provides Jani-King real-time analytics and reporting.

Creating clean and consistent print collateral
We designed a variety of print collateral that reflected their corporate style guide and brand. Developed a Print Portal that allows all regions to view, customise, and print the collateral that is delivered nationally within 4 days.

Sales email automation
We designed and developed automated emails to ensure Jani-King remains front-of-mind among their customers and new leads. We also created variable email templates that are used nationally by the sales team when communicating with potential new customers.

Staff training materials
We developed multiple animated videos to onboard new franchisees in conjunction with the company’s Quality and Management System Consultant. Videos feature a collection of newly created characters and convey the message in a friendly and entertaining manner.

We have created business cards, flyers, banners, booklets and much more for Jani-King

The Result

Jani-King now has a suite of marketing collateral that enables them to effectively promote their brand and have confidence that their website, print collateral, email automations, staff manuals and Google Ads and SEO are working in unison to grow the Australian operation of their cleaning and franchising business.

Increased New User Traffic

The Percentage of Monthly New Users to the Website

Increased Google Ads Leads

Increase in YTD Google Ads CRM Form Conversions

Franchise Form Conversion Rate

Franchise Landing Page Sessions to Presentations and Call Backs

CRM Real-Time Integration

Real-Time Analytics and Reporting of Franchisee and Client Information into CRM

Infusion121 created the Jani-Connect App for Jani-King A Jani-King landing page created for use in the Google Ads Campaign

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