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Fight MND
Number of Cures
27 months
Life expectancy after diagnosis
People who die from MND per day

Executive Summary

FightMND is a Not-For-Profit (NFP) organisation tackling the challenge of finding potential effective treatments and a cure for Motor Neurone Disease. There’s no known cause of this debilitating disease and is currently unable to be treated, slowed, reversed or cured.

Traditionally, FightMND has faced major hurdles in raising public awareness of MND and engaging the community to get involved or support fundraising initiatives.

The Challenge

Until recently, awareness of MND was largely non-existent. The incredible efforts of AFL legend and MND sufferer, Neale Daniher, have put this disease in the spotlight. Now FightMND have four major and several smaller fundraising events throughout the year.

One of the more significant is Daniher’s Drive. The annual four-day event takes in some of Victoria’s most scenic landscapes along the route. This drive includes several community stops, official functions, accommodation for three nights in regional Victoria and many fundraising events. The event includes almost 400 people in more than 100 teams.

FightMND reached out to Infusion121 because they realised, they needed to migrate away from manual processes and into digital operation of these events. The organising team faced daily inefficiencies like printing all campaign materials.

We were tasked with building a Content Management System (CMS) that enabled FightMND to easily upload real-time information and allow front-end users to make donations within the App.

We also needed to ensure the interface could change throughout the year, so all four major events have the correct branding at the right time.

The Solution

Working with FightMND, we tailored their App to address the issues team organisers were facing. We created a custom designed CMS with content a matrix, a tool to help prioritise content production, for each event. We designed the App to be agile and provide data in real-time to all subscribers and to efficiently upload information on the go.

The home screen rotates four times per year depending on the major campaign event being run by FightMND. A user can easily find what they need and access a donate button with limited effort.

When the App is set for Daniher’s Drive, the UX design:

  • Eliminates the need for mobile text messaging between teams and organisers;
  • Eliminates the majority of printed material showing the event route, accommodation options and locations; and
  • Provides information on all fundraising events in real-time on any Google or Apple mobile device.

The Result

FightMND co-founder, Neale Daniher, said that the App has been extremely well received by participants. Furthermore, FightMND staff can easily update all information within their CMS both prior to and during the event in real-time.

Check out the FightMND App by downloading it to your mobile device.

Statistics that prove the ROI:


Saved by eliminating event related print material


Reduction in event team’s daily time management


Via both Android and Apple devices across Australia


Spent viewing content uploaded to the CMS by event staff

FightMND has been fortunate to have had the exceptional expertise of Infusion121 deliver an app for one of our major annual fundraising events, Daniher’s Drive, for a number of years.

The simplicity and functionality of the client experience in the backend matches the simplicity and functionality of the end user experience at the frontend which was a huge positive for us in using Infusion121.

The quality service provided by Brian and his passionate team was of great assistance to my team and ultimately ensured we delivered a brilliant product for our event.

~ Andrew Holmes – Communications Manager

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