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Sweep Strategies
Financial Services
3rd Party Plugins Eliminated
Reduction in Customer Service Team Labour Costs
Saving on new CRM Development

Executive Summary

Sweep Strategies, a US based financial services company, was manually onboarding new and existing client tuitions, communications and billing. Their existing CRM was poorly designed to their needs and, overtime, multiple 3rd party processes were introduced resulting in costly and inefficient management practises.

Infusion121 created an accurate, automated and efficient work and marketing flowchart of the customer journey for the implementation of a new CRM. Eliminating all 3rd party processes, improved back office efficiencies, reduced costs and increased bottom-line profits.

The Challenge

Sweep Strategies, a US based financial services company, were overwhelmed with the amount of manual labour needed to manage new leads and existing clients. Through hosting information seminars, onboarding new clients and managing existing clients, their Client Services Team (CST) spent much of their day manually transferring handwritten information into their CRM and 3rd party solutions.

Their existing CRM was not managing their backend accounts, business workflows, or client marketing efficiently. Multiple “quick fixes”, 3rd party processes were introduced that were, either, not working or causing inefficiencies for the CST and organisation. Afraid of change, Sweep Strategies were hesitant to move away from their existing CRM provider, regardless of the poor performance and high cost.

The Solution

Infusion121 worked closely with Sweep Strategies’ management and CST to create a detailed workflow of their customer journey and internal processes. Through a series of discovery meetings, the developed workflow improved internal efficiencies, client database management, accounting and reporting, plus completely automating the client on-boarding process.

Infusion121 presented a detailed business process and marketing workflow that eliminated ineffective and costly processes, as well as a detailed analysis of their existing CRM solution. Infusion121 provided several CRM recommendations and quotations based on the workflow to build a customised CRM.

Our Web and App development teams made extensive updates, utilising Zoho’s resting API to allow real-time integration to the existing Sweep Strategies Website and Native Mobile App. The Zoho One CRM solution now seamlessly populates new client and lead information automatically from, both, the Website and Mobile App.

This business solution required a detailed workflow to probably understand the customer journey

The Result

Clients and new leads are now simultaneously receiving automated emails and populating new information in the CRM without the need for manual labour internally. The solution creates a real-time experience for their customers and the organisation, reducing the 2.5 hours to an average 3 mins required by the CST to manually onboard a new client.

Since implementing our recommendations, the client has saved tens of thousands in upfront customised CRM development fees and a considerable reduction in ongoing license fees, saving further thousands in the reduction of salary costs to the bottom-line.

  • Website Seminar Registration forms generates new lead in the CRM.
  • Automated customised emails are sent to leads throughout their journey.
  • Onboarding a client is now completely automated, 2.5hrs time saving per client.
  • Personalised team and department CRM dashboard designed for increased team productivity.
Dashboard Success

Existing clients surveyed favoured new client dashboard

Client Conversions

Increase in new client conversions.

CRM improvement

Improvement in client data and accounts management

Saving p/m

Saved per month on ongoing license fees

Our Business Solution allows form information to direct pass through the new CRM Once of our business solutions was to created automated emails, improving user experience

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