Campaign Management

In a day and age when every business needs some form of digital advertising, whether that is Email Marketing, PPC, SEO, Facebook Ads, Online PR or Remarketing, proper campaign management is essential.
For most businesses, outsourcing Campaign Management to a professional, digital marketing qualified agency is the only way to maximise results and return on advertising investment.

Regardless of whether you are a large multinational organisation, an SME or local business, Infusion121 can work with you to achieve your marketing objectives.

Integrated Marketing Communications

In order to get the best possible results for your business, Infusion121 uses a multi-channel approach, integrating the most relevant tools and channels to help you reach your target audience and achieve conversions.

Our Campaign Management process begins with Campaign Planning. We develop a tailored strategy to suit your organisations needs and budget, starting with consultation to understand your target audience and determine the right digital mix. Your Campaign Assets could include public relations, print collateral, branding and packaging design, booklets and digital collateral, such as emails, your website or smartphone app, Google AdWords, Social Media and SEO.

Our Campaign Management strategy consolidates multiple marketing streams for a tailored approach.
We use several Marketing and Campaign experts that can help deliver the results you are after.


At Infusion121 we don’t just dive into Campaign Management. Our Senior Marketing Strategist takes the time to understand your organisation and marketplace through consultation, then develops strategies that best meet your business or marketing goals. Engaging an expert, such as Infusion121’s Senior Marketing Strategist enables you to capitalise on opportunities you might not have otherwise identified.

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How well you create, execute and assess your Marketing Campaigns is what will make your business stand out for the competition. Even the most creative campaign won’t succeed if it is not implemented and evaluated thoroughly and effectively. The team at Infusion121 is not only highly skilled, but also highly specialised. A cross-functional in-house team allows us to deliver a full-service solution.

Our Campaign Management process is to Consult, Discover, Strategise then Implement.
We consolidate marketing data from multiple sources into one report dashboard for ultimate transparency.


A well-executed digital campaign delivers some of the most valuable information for your business. We take the time to analyse Campaign Data to garner important insights that inform future decision making. Measuring what’s working and what’s not, we can make consistent improvements to your Campaign performance and demonstrate constant improvements.

Making Your Marketing Campaigns Work for Your Business

Capturing your customers’ attention in today’s noisy environment requires a consistent and intelligent approach. Once acquired, the same rule applies for engaging those customers and building repeat business. Your business requires a number of campaigns to achieve a variety of marketing objectives.

Infusion121 can help you benefit from brand development and promotion.

We help our customers increase their sales and profits; introduce new products and services; increase brand awareness; establish brand image; reduce the impact of negative online publicity; and benefit from return on campaign investment.

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