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Infusion121 delivers business solutions for organisations of all sizes that make then become more competitive, productive and profitable. Whether you’re an international organisation or SME business, keeping abreast of technology and the solutions available is becoming increasingly overwhelming and costly.

From Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Marketing Automation, you’ll benefit from our expert advice and professional services.

Benefit from our expert advise and receive solutions to make your business more productive and profitable.
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The Infusion121 Discovery process includes a comprehensive consultation, as well as research and market analysis, to gain a deep understanding of how internet and technology solutions can harness your business potential. Integrated internet and technology solutions are fully tailored to your business needs.


Through proper risk assessment, implementation planning and working with your organisation’s leaders, our specialised team can ensure that implementing your tailored business solutions minimises disruption and maximises profitable business outcomes.


Business technology solutions can greatly improve your company’s efficiency. “Time is Money” and automation can decrease human error. When utilised properly, automation enhances efficiencies and workflow. However, if utilised poorly, automation enhances weaknesses.

Engage Infusion121 to help you optimise your business.

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Our specialised team can implement tailored business solutions and maximises profitable business outcomes.

Business Solutions
Case Study

An existing US based Financial Services client, requested assistance in developing better UX and backend work flows and CRM upgrade. They had been using Salesforce CRM and the system was not managing their backend accounts, business workflows, or marketing efficiently. Many of the plugins were either not working or causing inefficiencies for the client services team and organisation in general.

Infusion121 works closely with organisation’s to create a detailed workflow of their internal processes.

Infusion121 worked closely with the organisation’s leadership team and various internal departments to create a detailed workflow that would eliminate ineffective and costly plugins, improve internal efficiencies, improve client data base management, accounting and reporting, plus automate manual on-boarding processes.

When the client was hesitant to move away from Salesforce, Infusion121 provided a complete business process flow chart, as well as detailed analysis of their existing Salesforce provider. Infusion121 provided our client with CRM options and quotations from our affiliated CRM developers with detailed quotations for the build and implementation.

The Zoho One solution is now fully automated and is tightly integrated with their Website and Custom App to seamlessly integrate their marketing efforts in their new CRM system. The solution creates a real-time experience for their customers and the organisation.

Since implementing our recommendations, the client has saved tens of thousands in upfront development fees and a considerable reduction in ongoing license fees, saving further thousands in the reduction of salary costs to the bottom line.

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