Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation (BPA) allows multiple complex business processes to be automated and seamlessly integrated. Manual data entry with it’s high costs and error rate are largely eliminated, and work processes become simplified, faster and far more efficient.  This allows a restructuring of labour resources leading to more people driving growth and customer value.

Infusion121 has helped both international and local Organisations and SME business achieve these results. Expert advice from our Business, Marketing and Development teams will allow you to streamline your business, increase your service quality, and improve your service delivery.   And the big bonus – significant labour cost reductions combined with lower error rates.

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What is BPA?

Business Process Automation (BPA) is a strategy wherein businesses use technology to organise their personnel and systems through workflows.

BPA goes beyond traditional data management and recording to advanced software systems and programs that integrate all your applications. BPA allows your organisation to maintain control over many issues, such as customer relationships, analytics, strategy, sales, and development.

BPA supports your team and helps minimise operational costs, freeing up personnel to perform higher-level tasks. Customer satisfaction increases because you can assist them immediately and cut down on human error. In organisations where relationships are king, BPA can significantly enhance human interaction and decision-making, as well as create real-time transparency.

  • BPA allows companies to orchestrate, integrate, and automatically execute.
  • BPA centralises your processes for the greatest amount of transparency, as it keeps the computing architecture intact. It merges business functions that should logically be more integrated and spreads tasks across the organisation.
  • BPA addresses your human-centric tasks and minimizes the need for personal interaction.
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The Four Phases of BPA

By breaking down the BPA process into four main phases, our business, marketing and development teams can work with your organisation’s leadership team to deliver and implement a tailored business strategy and bespoke solution.


Infusion121, analysis process which includes a comprehensive review of your organisation’s customer journey, software solutions and marketing strategy.

We review your requirements, inefficiencies, objectives, current systems, data needs and business processes to create a detailed business and marketing workflow.

We then research the best available tools and systems to deliver a result.

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The team at Infusion121, will design a customised Business Process Automated solution to fit with your business workflow and provide you the best possible outcomes. Our solution will aim to:

  • Minimise disruption
  • Increase the timeliness and quality of customer service
  • Choose from tried and tested software tools and coding
  • And achieve a high ROI from the project
  • Minimise the number of times labour is needed to intervene, and yet keep management informed if there are problems


Our inhouse business, marketing and development teams will implement and integrate an approved digital and marketing system that allows the automation of repetitive tasks.

Information and data will then automatically flow-through from first point of contact, through marketing systems into customer workflows, leading to sales and invoicing.

Our specialised team can ensure that implementing your tailored BPA minimises disruption and maximises profitability.

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BPA - Maintenance & Support

Maintenance and Support

Infusion121’s support team will refine and maintain the system once in use.  We will help your people get the best from it, delivering promised gains in efficiency and effectiveness. Our local inhouse support service provides a proactive and immediate response, simply email or phone at anytime and talk to our team of experts, whenever a problem occurs.

We continuously manage and update your business processes with consistent migration to new platforms as they become available.  Your
system will remain state of the art for years.

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Discover Key BPA Facts

  • How you can improve current processes?
  • Are you behind the curve for automation?
  • Can I reduce associated costs?
  • Will I see a higher return from BPA?
  • Will BPA allow my organisation to outperform competitors?

iScope BPA Survey, takes minutes to complete. You’ll immediately identify opportunities on how your organisation fairs on completing of the iScope survey. Our 30min BPA Assessment will empower you and your leadership team to my informed decisions moving forward.

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