There is an art and science to branding. Many businesses think that branding is simply a logo, however giving your brand its own carefully considered identity is essential to its success. Your brand’s personality and voice give your customers something they can relate to and connect with on emotional and psychological levels.

As consumers, we don’t always know why we love a particular brand and why we return to it time and time again, we just know we trust it. Infusion121TM can help you create a synergistic, consistent brand that resonates and captures attention, something your business depends on.


A strong brand is an invaluable asset. Through consultation and research, our Senior Marketing Strategist takes the time to develop your brand strategy. We define your brand promise and positioning, as well as the brand’s personality and voice. The result is a brand that your customers can identify with and trust.

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Business cards, flyers, booklets, apps and website, we can create branding tailored to your business.

Brand Building

Once we have a clear definition of your audience and the objectives that the brand needs to achieve, it’s time to start building your brand with a view to achieving marketing outcomes. In order to get the best possible results for your business, Infusion121TM uses a multi-channel approach to brand development, integrating the most relevant online or offline channels to reach your target audience and communicate with them in a compelling way.

Building Brands That Resonate

When building a brand, the logo is only one part of the story. At its core, your brand is your business’s identity and much like a person it too has a purpose. A strong, successful brand is so much more than colours, symbols and words.

Your brand must be relatable. This is where personality and positioning come into play. If your brand were a person, would your customers desire to befriend them? It’s a great question to ask, after all would you buy from someone you dislike?

Your brand must be memorable for your business to be top of mind for your customers at the moment they are ready to research or ready to buy. Having a consistent brand voice and messages in the marketplace that reach the right audience, capture their attention and can be recalled when shopping is the key to increasing sales.

Infusion121TM helps businesses build brands that resonate. Invest in a brand that gets results for your business.

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Your brand must be memorable for your business to be top of mind for your customers.

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